No one gets my name right. People have called me a lot of names (unintentionally, thank God!): Jayme. Jamie. GMA. Jim. Jimmy. I stopped taking pictures of baristas misspelling my name just because it occupies too much memory on my phone. (Oh wait, it could be one of those weird stuff that I can collect…)

I don’t really mind it, especially if it makes people remember my name even more. I remember this one friend I met in college: we were doing community work together, and it was the second time I saw her. We smiled at each other then she said, “hey you’re that girl whose name is difficulty to pronounce. Wait a minute. Gmae, right?”

And believe me, it’s not just my name that’s difficult. I am a difficult person too. I am complex, indecisive and clingy. I try hard to be an adult most of the time but most days I’m just me. Add the fact that I am a woman. Plus a mom. Yep, nothing is as difficult as that. 

But regardless of how difficult I am, needless to say, I am loved. And unique. And difficult to forget (again, just think of my name!). And fearfully and wonderfully made. 

So yep, I am Gmae. And this is my blog.  ❤️

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