When Motherhood Gets The Best Of Us

Some days it’s hard being a mom. Some days it’s difficult to explain. But some days, well most days it’s just love. Motherhood is love. Kuya Seth has learned the joy of playing with our neighbors. Since we moved to a new place, he discovered new friends and they play outside the house (but still […]

On Days When I Just Lose It.

There are days when I just lose it. I was from a 24 hour shift the other day (whaddup, nurses!) and I was really, really exhausted. The husband fetched me from work and brought me home, changed his clothes and went straight to church. I intended to attend the afternoon service with Seth because well, […]

Mommy Diaries: The Diary of a Tired Mom.

Today I am just extremely tired.  My little man has been sick since last Sunday. It started with something viral- his cousins were sick with flu (we went to the province last week, stayed there until Monday) then the hubby was sick, too, then him, and then my mother in law. My sister in law […]

Thirteen Going on Thirty.

(Fine. This post is 2 months behind. I am overwhelmed with so much right now -blogging about major life events SOON!- but I know I had to post this :)). Why hello, I just turned 30. Waddup.  I remember my very first job interview. I was asked the infamous question, the question that we all […]