When you just want it to happen.

When I was a child I wanted to change my name. This story cracks me up every time I remember it and to this day whenever I tell it to people I cry out of too much laughter (and humiliation, I suppose). Here’s how it goes: I was sitting beside my kindergarten classmate whose name is […]

Happy 7th of October!

The hubby and I are celebrating our 22nd month together today. And we totally forgot about it. Yep. I know. I just realized it now, at 9:00 pm.. even after the convos that we had today. You see, the hubs and I are on a long long distance love affair- he is based in a province (2 […]

H+G Engagement Shoot.

    Prenup shoots are not easy. Seriously. Hans and I almost fought (well, I think we actually did! Haha!) the day of our engagement shoot. We were driving each other crazy, with all the props and costume that we had to prepare. It was phenomenal. I was literally holding back my tears inside the […]