Happy 7th of October!

The hubby and I are celebrating our 22nd month together today. And we totally forgot about it. Yep. I know. I just realized it now, at 9:00 pm.. even after the convos that we had today. You see, the hubs and I are on a long long distance love affair- he is based in a province (2 […]

The Year of Goodbye.

I officially branded my 2011 as ‘the year of goodbye’: most of my closest (like literally) friends and I had to bid each other our own version of, well, goodbye.  It’s as if there’s a race as to the ‘highest number of friends who leave the country’ (and if there is, I would definitely win!). […]

And He’s Back!

Whoever said that long distance relationships never work never really gave it a try. The fiance is back, thank God! And no horrible Middle East horror stories, thank you Jesus! After almost a year (9 months to be exact) of going steady with the internet (thank God for technology, really), Hans is now back.. and […]