Mommy Diaries: And Suddenly… He is a Month Old!

I still have yet to write about my birth experience before the anesthesia removes the memory from my brain (if you know what i mean). There’s time for that.

For now, I’d like to blog about a milestone that hubs and I (and the baby) reached: Our dear baby Seth is now a month old!!! Talk about time flying fast, right? 😀 Ah, the joy of a first time mom!

We started with very little idea of the sleepless nights. Fine. We were kind of briefed of how life-changing parenthood brings. I mean, while I was still pregnant people would always tell me to “sleep while you still can” or “date while you guys still can” or “you can handle pregnancy and giving birth. What comes after-sleeplessness, exhaustion.. Taking care of the baby-  is something you’ll find hard to handle”. And at the back of my mind, I would answer “great. Another horror story” or “of course we can handle that”. But I must admit, it was harder than I thought it would be!

As a nurse, I’ve been assigned to NICUs and pedia wards and I thought it was gonna be easier given my experience but it really is much different when you’re already the mom! You get to do the job 24/7. Plus the breastfeeding pain.. unbearable at times! Thankfully, my mom is here to help me (thank you mom!!) and hubs is a supportive partner and an excited dad so I get all the help I can get. Of course, nagging works most of the time, HAHA.

But no, I’m not complaining. I love taking care of my baby. I haven’t had a decent sleep since I gave birth and I know this will be my situation for a longer period of time but what the heck, just looking at my son removes all the exhaustion away. Just seeing him completes my day. 🙂

And last Wednesday, our dear baby Seth turned one month! Hubs and I feel so accomplished! It is definitely a month we will never forget. A month full of wonderful memories.. and there’ll be more for sure! Thank you Jesus! I know we’ve got a long way to go but slowly, we’ll get the hang of it.

To all moms, Kudos to you! I definitely salute all of you. It is true that being a parent makes you love your parents more. Okay let me salute the dads as well. My husband might feel a little left-out. Haha.


Of course there has to be a cake! Special thanks to Seth's Aunt Aira :)
Of course there has to be a cake! Special thanks to Seth’s Aunt Aira 🙂


Almost There!

32 weeks, 6 days.

That is how far I’ve been with pregnancy. I’m now on my 8th month, and my pregnancy app (thank God for these apps, seriously) says I have (drumroll please!!) 50 days to go.

I’ve been overwhelmed with the whole pregnancy thing that I don’t know where to start, or what to say. There are sooo many things to say and so many stuff to write about, but somehow I am compelled to keep everything to myself, mainly because I just want to digest everything- first.

So how have I been? Really?

I am one of the pregnant women who is just blessed because everything just seems normal. My first trimester- the tri all ladies dread- went soooo smoothly. I never experienced morning sickness or heartburns. Of course except the exaggerated itchiness I had. I developed allergies to almost everything: soap, lotion, chicken and fish. After a while, things got back to normal. My asthma came back to haunt me as well; my last attack was when I was 7 years old. I can’t breathe easily, probably because of too much heat as well. The presumed asthma sort of faded away, thankfully.

I don’t have any cravings, I eat what is available. I’m not sensitive with smell- my nose can tolerate almost all scent. My hubby is blessed to have me, I know.

As much as I would like to take all the credit on my own (tee-hee), my hubby deserves a pat on the back, too. He has been sooooooooooo patient with me. Pregnant women can be crazy at times! Blame it on our hormones! But he just takes care of me so well! He has been so considerate, understanding and loving of me. I am indeed a blessed wife!

Most of my friends are parents, too, and every time we talk about my pregnancy they laugh at me. First because months after I got married, I announced that we don’t want to have a baby yet. I’m like, “no, I don’t wanna get pregnant yet…” or “we want at least a year of togetherness as husband and wife first before baby time…” I even tried a couple of contraceptives for a while because we really don’t want to have a baby so soon.

But of course, God works in mysterious ways. As the song goes, God’s ways are not our ways, and His plans are never our plans.

We’ve been talking about having a baby a lot, but what made us really decide we wanted to have a baby was when a dear spiritual brother died. We talked about how short life is, and that we should “start young”. But when I found out I was pregnant, I was actually in disbelief. I knew I could be pregnant but the thought never really sank in. Hubby is sort of convinced that I am pregnant because I sleep a lot. That did not convince me since I do sleep a lot all the time. The funny thing was, when the pregnancy test turned positive, I felt like I was a teenager who got pregnant, unplanned. I tried another pregnancy test the next morning and of course, the result was positive again. There was some sort of shock but right then and there, inside the comfort room, I prayed. I thanked the Lord because I knew it was his timing. And that His timing is always perfect.

32 weeks, 6 days.

To say that I’m not fearful is a lie. I fear of giving birth, of the pain, of baby’s health. I am a nurse by profession and I have witnessed several women giving birth and thinking of the birth process- from my waterbag breaking to contractions to labor to giving birth- is something to be scared of.

But every time I think of the baby- our baby – the fear just goes away. Every time he moves, I become a crazy excited mom-to-be and I just can’t wait to cuddle and kiss him.

And I know God will take care of me. God has everything under His control. Add the fact that I have such a strong support system. My mom, family and in laws are so supportive!

I know I have so much to learn and there will definitely be sleepless, frightful nights, but I know everything will be okay. I just have to let go and yes, let God. I’m almost there and I love it!

This was me while 4 months pregnant. I am so much bigger now. Haha!

Happy Birthday Jen!

We all have a friend who sticks closer to us than a sister.

In my case, I’d say it is you.

You have been my close friend since MYF days (helloooo, PLASTICS!) and actually even before our Plastics days we have been together (remember your tahong phone moments? I was there!! HAHA). You were there during my Makati days (lunch outs!) and borrower’s days (HAHAHA remember?). You were there when my heart was broken, and when my heart was healed from all the pain.

And now, it’s your special day! Oh my, how time flies fast, right? And because it is your day, allow me to make this post all about you. 🙂 Let me tell you and everyone else why you are loved by many, and why you are loved by me!

1. You always think first before you speak. I’ve always loved this about you, you know. You always know the right words to say. And you definitely know the right time for those right words.

2. You taught me that my relationship with God should be like a love story. I will never forget the time when I was hurting from a bad relationship and you told me that for me to be a true worshiper in spirit and in truth, I must remember that all of this is a love story: I should constantly win God’s heart, as He is always winning mine. I brought this lesson with me until the right man for me came along (yikee!).

3. You are a good listener. Whenever I just feel like ranting I know I can always run to you.  And by whenever, I meant even during those times that you are in the middle of something- be it sleep or an important meeting!

4. My girlfriend Dane (holla girlfriend!) told us this before: you are the glue that keeps us (especialy PLASTICS) together. And you really are that one person who goes an extra mile just to set up coffee dates, meet-ups and the likes!

5.  You make friendship with me sooo easy. I know am not the most lovable person on earth (tee-hee!) but you make friendship with me sooo effortless. Thank you for being a dear friend to me!

There you go! Let me just limit it to 5 for now but you know I can gooo on and on with this 🙂

You are like my family, Jen. Thank you for countless years of friendship! From being your official 3rd wheel to being married to us becoming an official double date of yours and Floyd (have we done that? Haha!), I must say we really have been through so much together! You are loved by many, always remember that! And though I may not be one of your bridesmaids (haha sorry, baby on the way!) know that I am here for you always! Enjoy your day my dear sister! Love you to bits!

ALAB Christmas party 2006? or 2007? Gah, I can’t remember!
From my fugly days to my okay days, you were there! Haha!
I definitely look forward to more crazy moments with you!
“In good times, or bad times, I’ll be on your side forevermore..”
“…cause that’s what friends are for.” 🙂
Aidan’s first birthday. Our friends already have kids, can you believe it?
Remember when we said we’d eat at all the restos/fast foods in Morato? We never completed that mission! Haha.
We go beyond years, Jen! Our friendship is definitely one for the books. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

Every time people tell me that I am really my dad’s child, I couldn’t be any more proud. I am blessed because I am the daughter of a very extraordinary man, one who changed the lives of many – including mine. I will forever cherish all the lessons, all the laughter, the tears that we’ve been through. We are a strong family because of him.

I miss you everyday, and perhaps the only comfort that I have is that someday, we shall be together again. I love you dada! Thank you for I know I am who I am because of you.

Taken summer of 2009 at La Mesa EcoPark. It was my last year to be not in a relationship. Dada always made sure we go to places as a family and just bond. I know. He’s that type of guy.

Happy Father’s day to all dads and to all who served as a father to the fatherless like me! And happy father’s day in advance to my one and only hubby who is super excited (as in super-he dreams of the baby every night! :D) to be the kind of father our dads have been to us.

The special men in my life! My brother, with his kids (they love tito Hans), hubby and my dad.
The special men in my life! My brother, with his kids (they love tito Hans), hubby and my dad.

8 Lessons I Learned On My 28th.

May is one of the most important months for me, considering that a wonderful creation of God (gee I wonder who that is!) was born on it (wink, wink). If you read my May 2012 post, you’d know that for the longest time, I was not the happiest when May comes. I’ve always been a grinch when it comes to my birth month. But everything changed last year. That’s when I almost lost my life, along with the lives of the two most important people of my life- my mom and my husband.

Early this year, I was really excited for May. I filed for a week-long birthday leave because well, I just knew that I will be enjoying my May.

And you know what? Surprise, surprise! The Lord is consistent with His ‘birthday gift’ to me. He is consistent with His promises. And He is definitely consistent with His lessons.

So allow me please, to share with you 8 lessons I learned from my 28 years of existence. (Sorry, 28 lessons would be too long! :D) Here goes:

LIFE IS SHORT. A month ago, I lost a dear friend. It was April fool’s, and believe me, all of us wished his death was some April fool’s joke. A brother from my spiritual family, Richard, came home to our Maker. His death came as a surprise for most of us, because we never had it coming. I mean who sees a death coming, right? I honestly thought I was done with the whole ‘life is short’ thing because well, my dad died so suddenly. But we can never be prepared for someone’s death. I realized again, even if I had already thought of this before, how short life is. So we must make the most our of our lives. We must restore broken relationships, forgive those who’ve hurt us (even if it pains us so much to do so!), and ask for forgiveness from those we’ve hurt. We must take time to love, to be patient, to understand. Because everything in this world is temporary. And most importantly, we must take time to share the gospel.

WE ARE NEVER TOO OLD FOR SURPRISES. I was disheartened when I learned of Richard’s death but after a few weeks, the Lord surprised me with a month-early birthday present: a little baby wrapped in my belly! 🙂 I’ve always hated surprises (talk about being a super duper grinch) but this is one surprise I wouldn’t trade with anything else! It was the perfect time, I swear- with all that’s been going around us.. around me. I was actually feeling hopeless for a time as I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal stuff lately.. but my early birthday present came just when I needed it the most! It gave me hope and, well, life! 🙂

WE MUST DO EVERYTHING IN LOVE.  This is such a challenge, I know! It’s my first year being married and I am still a work in progress. I guess I always will be, huh? My husband inspires me to do things out of love. I am not the easiest person to spend the rest of your life with but my husband’s love for me becomes the motivator for him to do things for me. His love for me, and him doing everything in love, teaches me to be more loving, selfless, and understanding. Doing everything in love, not only as a wife, but as a daughter, a sister, a friend makes doing the hardest things a little bit easier, if not at all easy-breezy.

RELAX, IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. I have always been a control freak. I always make sure everything goes well, and though I consider myself flexible, I sometimes freak out when things don’t go my way. I always want to know “so what’s next?”, “where do we go from here?” , or “now what??”. I always want answers even before questions arise. I read on a blog once that “You may be uncomfortable with the uncertainty, but some of the best things in life are born from those times of being open to new opportunities.” Being obsessive-compulsive is not at all bad, but there are times when we just need to breathe, relax, and take things slow.

PEOPLE YOU LOVE WILL HURT AND DISAPPOINT YOU. I always put my faith in people. I always make sure I give someone the benefit of the doubt, and I refuse to think ill of others, unless otherwise seen and proven by my very eyes. Unfortunately, the people we choose to love hurt us the most. The people whom we think deserve our trust least deserve it. Either they betray us or do something that we never thought they can do to us. But such is life. People make mistakes… even the ones we love.

FORGIVENESS IS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE A  CHOICE. OUR CHOICE. While we may read books or instructional stuff to tell us how to forgive (in detail!), forgiveness must start within us. We must choose to forgive, and yes, to forget.

FAMILY ALWAYS COMES FIRST. We have always been a closely-knit family. We go through stuff together, discuss issues and share our opinions, and resolve our differences. It is a bit crazy how we can’t afford to schedule dates or appointments on Sunday because first, it is Church day, and second, because it is family day… but I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else. My family has been with me all throughout my highest and lowest. Family sticks with you until the end.

LIFE IS A BLESSING. I guess to sum everything up, we must always remember that life is definitely a blessing. I mean, this is a birthday entry after all! 😀 How often do we take our lives for granted, and how often do we regret our shoulda-woulda-couldas? Life is a blessing. Comedian Ogie Diaz always says, “every gising is a blessing!” And that is so true! Life’s a gift.

Oh, here’s a little gallery of how my year was spent. 🙂 I may not always be where I want to be but I am certain that I am where God wants me to be. And that makes all the difference.

Thank you Jesus, for the gift of new life! And thank you, for being part of my happy 28 years!