Hello, October!

Oh Hello, October! Time flies soooooo fast. It seems like only yesterday that I turned 27.. and now, well, waddaya know! 2 months before December. *gasps* The thought actually makes me excited because of two things: One, my favorite season is almost here! Christmas songs are everywhere! My most awaited season is coming. And two: […]

Best Birthday Gift Ever.

If you really knew me, you’d not be surprised if I tell you I’m a little grinch when it comes to my birthday. That is because, as conceited as I may seem most of the time (tee-hee), I don’t really want the attention. I just want my birthday to be a normal day, a day […]


Remember when I said 2012 is gonna be awesome? Well, March just came and so much awesomeness is already happening! 🙂 It is indeed true that “our words have the power to change our situation” (Joel Osteen).  And that’s prolly why I haven’t been blogging much: I did a lot of adjusting and meditating. A lot has […]

Oh We’re Halfway There (Livin’ On A Prayer)

So if you don’t get it yet, papa Hans and I are getting married! (Er, I think that’s why I call him “fiance”). Whoopteedoo! Planning a wedding can be crazy… and I mean it! We used to have a thing: everytime we talk about the wedding, we end up arguing- until somebody walks out of […]

Sermon: United and Responsive to God’s Call

Last Sunday, I was given the privilege to speak during our Tagalog Worship Service. I always say that whenever you are being asked to speak, your message speaks to you first. And that is always true to me. I always am the first to be convicted of my assigned topic. I always feel like I […]