Why I Love Running.

Running bores me.

I have said that phrase a million times before. I don’t know if you’re one of those who are not a fan of running. If you are, well, I used to be one of you. I was once one of those who consider running a very boring sport, a sport that doesn’t really help. “I could do better things”, I would often say. Sure, I’d join my friends once in a while but when we’d run I wouldn’t really put my heart and soul in it. 

My dad was a very sporty man. Oh how he motivated me! My dad and mom would often go to QC Circle when we still lived in Kamuning. And because I am their favorite (haha, we all claim that!), they would bring me with them. We would run, but what I really looked forward to the most was the aerobics session (zumba wasn’t a thing then), and then our  breakfast at Tropical Hut after. Yep. Good times.

It wasn’t the running that I really enjoyed. It was the food. The company. The thought of losing weight (and then convincing yourself that it’s okay to eat after running because your carbs would turn to muscles…haha). 

Until I came to China. 

The first time I attempted to run here it didn’t work out well. I was stretching and before I actually had the chance to run I had a knee injury. I have a very bad knee, a torn ligament from an accident I had in high school (Yep. Another one of my ‘clumsy gmae diaries’, haha).  So I waited for a month. I really wanted to run because I needed an activity (that is not so strenous) to help me exercise. I needed an outlet. I needed to go out. 

I ran. 

The first few rounds were okay, I wasn’t trying too hard. I was just you know, running. I closed my eyes for a moment and thought of home. “Oh how I miss them”, I told myself, cycle after cycle. And then I talked to the Lord. It was so peaceful, amidst all the noise from the construction that was beside the field. I was perspiring. My heart was pumping. I thought of happy thoughts. I thought of dad and how he loved running. I thought of my boys. I smiled.

I was able to complete 8 laps that day.

Running takes me to places. I know books are supposed to do that, but running does the same (or even more) for me. When I run, my imagination is on the run too. I think of places. I think of people. My problems. Happy thoughts. And then I find peace. 

Running is also a good time for me to talk to God. I lay my thoughts down and talk to Him. I also get to appreciate the beauty of His marvelous creation. 

Running helps my vocal chords too! Well not really the chords, if you know what I mean. Running improves singing as it increases cardio strength and breath stamina. When I run I have the music on, and then I would just sing. Sometimes I sing so loud that other runners would stop and look at me. I don’t care. I love singing and running. I feel like I’m having my concert, and it is my moment. Haha.

And sometimes, running is a place for me to just well, run away. From the loneliness. From the boredom. From people. From personal issues. From others. From myself.

There are days when it’s hard. Especially when it’s cold – it’s difficult to get up! And sometimes it gets painful. But I move forward. I get up. I run. I would tell myself that  I don’t do this to beat others. I do this for myself. This is something that I could do by myself, something that I can control. I can control the direction, the pace. 

I went out with a British friend for the first time last week and she asked me if I’m the type of person who’s outgoing or if I prefer to be at home. “Honestly? I think I’m both.”, I said. I enjoy going out and meeting new people, but I love staying at home too, you know, just chilling. And I think that that’s one of the reasons why I love to run. I don’t have to put much effort. I get to meet new people. I get to see the world. But I still feel like I’m home.

And the added bonus? I get to lose weight too. *winks*

Me thinks that the moment my legs began to move, my thoughts began to flow. (Henry David Thoreau)

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