Happy 7th of October!

The hubby and I are celebrating our 22nd month together today. And we totally forgot about it. Yep. I know. I just realized it now, at 9:00 pm.. even after the convos that we had today. You see, the hubs and I are on a long long distance love affair- he is based in a province (2 hours away from home) and he stays there during weekdays. He comes home on weekends, or whenever his wife would demand that he come home. 😀 We’ve been in this situation before we were married- he worked abroad for a year. But of course it’s different now that we’re married.

When I was asked how I’m taking the whole LDR thingy, I told my  friend that the distance is somehow helping our marriage. Now that Seth has become the cute little monster that he is (he is oh so clingy, he loves to play and loves to eat and poop and sleep- if you know what I mean), we would go into arguments. We’re in the adjustment phase: the whole ‘we just got a baby phase’, the ‘I already fed him so you go clean his poop phase’. The baby boy is sooo clingy BUT only to his mommy so you would understand where I am coming from, yes? Apparently he doesn’t. So we would fight, and talk, and later, laugh. Marriage life, I know.

So where was I?

Right. The LDR thingy. Now that we’re on this phase, the distance becomes a blessing. We are a very clingy couple, and being apart made us (me especially) realize how independent of a woman I am. I can never go to a place without my husband and he cannot drive to a place without me (shouting in the front seat- teehee). He used to bring me to work and fetch me from work every single day that I had forgotten how fun it is to commute. Okay, not really fun-fun , but you know what I mean.

With the LDR thingy, our communication improved 100%. Not communicating scares me. Sometimes we would go home and Seth is asleep and we would hold our gadgets and not talk. For hours. And then I would wake up and try to open up a conversation. I don’t like not talking. Sometimes when you live in one roof you would just shove the idea of talking away because you are together anyway. Which should never be the case. I love to talk (now you know why my son loves it too)! I read in one article that with long-distance relationships, communication doesn’t just improve; it becomes vital to the survival of your relationship because it’s basically all you have.

Lastly, with the LDR thingy, we look forward to being together again. I look forward to weekends because I know that I would see him again. Not that I am never excited to see him on regular days. Even before, I look forward to him fetching me.. but it’s totally different now. The excitement is a hundred times more.

I am thankful that we are given this test in our marriage. Even more thankful that we’re not countries away. But most of all I am thankful because it’s the 7th of October, and we are still happy together. ❤

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