Mommy Diaries: Why I Love Being a Mom.

I am still sometimes in disbelief that I am now a mother. It’s been 7 months today (woo-hoo!! Happy 7th month, babylove! :)) since I gave birth to a very adorable baby boy. There are times when I realize things are no longer the same anymore- the dawning part comes out naturally. And there are times when I had to remind myself that oops, I’m now a mom.

I know all I ever talk about is having a son (duh! Talk about flooding :D) but I just can’t help it. REALLY. Every time I realize that I am called for a higher, more lovable task- mommyhood, I thank God, and I am overwhelmed. Because even though there may be times that I wish things were different, I will never regret being a mom. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

I am reminded that I always need to be a better person- I became selfless. Motherhood has changed my outlook in life. I always strive to do good and be nice, but there’s always this selfishness in me because I always want to win. Yep. Competitive much! 😀 I am such a brat. But now that I am a mom I just shrug my shoulders off and let go of things, and issues. I think of what the outcome will be. I think of others and how my actions will affect them. I became more giving, and I think less of myself.

I never feel out of place. Most of the time the hubs and I would scramble over who gets to carry the baby boy. 😀 We love being with our son. And yes, we love the attention. Haha.  My son is so much of a people person that sometimes even though I don’t feel like being Ms. Friendship, I become one. I mean, you know how there are times wherein you just want to hibernate and shy away from the crowd just because you don’t like to mingle? Being a mom takes that hibernating feeling from me. I am always with new friends- friends who we meet at the mall or resto because the superstar baby just befriends everybody.

My loyal fans are now three: my mom, my husband, and my son. 🙂 I know sometimes I am not that funny (even though my husband tells me I am- awwwww. :D). And most of the time the hubs and I would compete as to who is funnier (we compete over jokes- I told you, I am competitive!!). But being a mom just makes me an instant clown. A little of my goofy faces and voila! There is laughter everywhere. I love how I make my son laugh, and smile, and giggle, and drool. 😀

I look at things differently. I’ve always looked at things differently. I always look at the bigger picture. But now that I am a mom I just look at life with so much perspective, so much hope, so much ‘muchness’ (if you know what I mean).

I take my job (more) seriously. Before, I would not go to work just because I feel lazy, or sleepy. Okay, not so much- my old bosses might kill me :D. I’m always perfect in attendance. 😀 But before it’s so easy for me to be late, or to miss a day of work, because I just feel like it. Before I didn’t really feel like being promoted because I’m used to the comfort that my job brings. Now it’s different. So much different. I applied for a promotion and got it (thank you Jesus!), and welcomed the challenge of the new ‘job’. I desire to always be early to work, I don’t want to be late, I don’t want to be complacent. I’ve always wanted to excel even before- I’ve always pursued excellence. But now it’s 10x the excellence that I used to give. And not just because of the money. (Yep. Not about the money, money, money.) It’s the feeling that you are working hard for somebody else. ❤ I work hard first for the Lord, and second, for my son. ❤

I get to manage my time wisely. I love to sleep. I can lay in bed and sleep all day. Like alllllll dayyyy longgggg. Or sometimes I can just do series/DVD marathon all day. But now it’s different. Not that I am deprived of all the fun bumming brings. It’s just that now, I get to manage my time. I put effort on the things that are more important. I learn to prioritize. I make sure I get to do all that I need to do so that I can have time for my son.

There’s a reason to be happy always. I am a very joyful person. I laugh a lot, I make sure to look at the goodness in whatever situation I am in. But you know how sometimes you just get all sentimental for the lamest reason? I’m over that. Though there may be times wherein I still feel sad, all I do is look at my baby and then the sadness just fades away. I instantly become happy again, giddy, and thankful.

I get to practice what I studied. I am a nurse by profession as you all know, but due to economical reasons (crisis!!), I gave way. I may not be the nurse who goes to the hospital and feeds and gives medicine to patients, but I still get to practice all the theories (from Maternal and Child to Pharmacology to Med-Surg) that I have learned. I get to watch every milestone and deal with them scientifically (although there’s a lot that Science can never explain.) I get to practice nursing my son. And that practice is lifetime.

I realized I am capable of being patient. I have always prayed about patience. I am never the patient person. I sometimes get upset because of the littlest of things. But now, I can say God has answered my prayer. He’s put me in a situation where I can practice patience, and work well on it. I love the fact that I have become more enduring, and loving, and kind. Ahhh. Motherhood. ❤

I love my husband more. And he loves me the same. ❤ Being parents is definitely a leap of faith. We are newbies and well, we struggled and there are instances wherein we argue just because. I remember the time my husband was telling me he wants a son already. He said, “mahal, mag baby na tayo, para di na tayo laging nag-aaway.” (love, let’s have a baby already so that we won’t fight all the time anymore). I told that to a friend and she told me, “that’s what you think! You’ll definitely fight more”. But I would have to disagree with my friend. We may still argue, fight, and all that jazz, but we fight for the right reasons. Before it’s just because we don’t agree on a certain thing. But now we just learned to let go, and realize there’s a lot bigger issues in life. And definitely a lot to be thankful for. Like our son who is loved by all. 🙂 Sometimes it may show as if my world revolves around my son, but the truth is, my world revolves around my two boys. I love that I get to show my husband how much love there is in me for him. And I love how he’s become a very wonderful dad. He is for sure a newbie, but he is but the best. He works hard and prays for our family. And that just makes me love him more.


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