Happy Birthday Jen!

We all have a friend who sticks closer to us than a sister.

In my case, I’d say it is you.

You have been my close friend since MYF days (helloooo, PLASTICS!) and actually even before our Plastics days we have been together (remember your tahong phone moments? I was there!! HAHA). You were there during my Makati days (lunch outs!) and borrower’s days (HAHAHA remember?). You were there when my heart was broken, and when my heart was healed from all the pain.

And now, it’s your special day! Oh my, how time flies fast, right? And because it is your day, allow me to make this post all about you. 🙂 Let me tell you and everyone else why you are loved by many, and why you are loved by me!

1. You always think first before you speak. I’ve always loved this about you, you know. You always know the right words to say. And you definitely know the right time for those right words.

2. You taught me that my relationship with God should be like a love story. I will never forget the time when I was hurting from a bad relationship and you told me that for me to be a true worshiper in spirit and in truth, I must remember that all of this is a love story: I should constantly win God’s heart, as He is always winning mine. I brought this lesson with me until the right man for me came along (yikee!).

3. You are a good listener. Whenever I just feel like ranting I know I can always run to you.  And by whenever, I meant even during those times that you are in the middle of something- be it sleep or an important meeting!

4. My girlfriend Dane (holla girlfriend!) told us this before: you are the glue that keeps us (especialy PLASTICS) together. And you really are that one person who goes an extra mile just to set up coffee dates, meet-ups and the likes!

5.  You make friendship with me sooo easy. I know am not the most lovable person on earth (tee-hee!) but you make friendship with me sooo effortless. Thank you for being a dear friend to me!

There you go! Let me just limit it to 5 for now but you know I can gooo on and on with this 🙂

You are like my family, Jen. Thank you for countless years of friendship! From being your official 3rd wheel to being married to us becoming an official double date of yours and Floyd (have we done that? Haha!), I must say we really have been through so much together! You are loved by many, always remember that! And though I may not be one of your bridesmaids (haha sorry, baby on the way!) know that I am here for you always! Enjoy your day my dear sister! Love you to bits!

ALAB Christmas party 2006? or 2007? Gah, I can’t remember!
From my fugly days to my okay days, you were there! Haha!
I definitely look forward to more crazy moments with you!
“In good times, or bad times, I’ll be on your side forevermore..”
“…cause that’s what friends are for.” 🙂
Aidan’s first birthday. Our friends already have kids, can you believe it?
Remember when we said we’d eat at all the restos/fast foods in Morato? We never completed that mission! Haha.
We go beyond years, Jen! Our friendship is definitely one for the books. 🙂

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