No Goodbyes.

Two weeks ago, I was at an officemate’s house, celebrating with her and our other workmates as she was given another year. She is one of  my closest friends at work. I rarely go out nowadays because well, I had some adjusting to do (talk about being married HAHAHA). Also, I was busy with a lot of issues that I rarely commit to gatherings and such.But that time even my husband encouraged me to go attend her celebration.

While celebrating another year of my friend’s life, hubby sent me a text message saying that his cousin was rushed to the hospital because she was stabbed inside her dormitory. Yep. Take note of the SHE. I froze for a time and after a few seconds, he texted again that his cousin died.

There really is a time to be born, and a time to die. 

Danni is one of my husband’s closest cousins.Well all of them are close, I tell you. But Danni is different. Danni and Nix (Danni’s sister) are two of his most favorite babies. I am not just saying this because of what happened, but because they really are closest to his heart. Maybe because they get along so well- Danni is a black belter in taekwondo and hubby is a frustrated UFC fighter (tee-hee); Nix is  sweet and funny and very “ate” to everyone.

I don’t really have many memories with Danni but I know that her smile- that wonderful, beautiful, sweet, innocent smile- is what I will always remember of her.

And I know that it’s not just me and my husband who grew to love dear Danni girl. EVERYBODY LOVES DANNI. She’s that girl who everyone will just like- and eventually love.

The social media was testimony to that. The page JUSTICE FOR DANNI which was created on Facebook in memory of her drew a lot of likes and comments. Everyone sympathized with her family. Everyone waited for updates about her.

Even her funeral service was testimony to how everyone loved her. The church was filled with a lot (and I say A LOT) of people- young and old- who loved and were loved by Danni. Her family, friends, classmates, school mates, teachers – everyone – was there. It was like a press conference of a popular actress!

Danni’s relatives carrying her casket.
Danni’s casket being brought to the church
Inside the church. Photo credit: Justice For Danni Facebook Page

Death is indeed inevitable. My dad died when I was 24 years old- it was a very untimely death as well. His death was the most painful event of my life. Even now that I am 27, there are still instances wherein I would close my eyes and recall the pain of losing someone who is closest to my heart.

But the pain that I feel suddenly turns into joy as I recall the happy memories that I have spent with him. These memories are all that I hold on to.

And maybe that’s all that we hold on to right now for Danni.

Memories. Happy, sweet memories.

When my Dad died, I was hurting because I was not able to say good bye to him (he died when all of us left the house- it was just him and my mom who were there). But later on I realized that I really should not say good bye to him. We should really not say good bye to the ones who die.

Because death doesn’t mean goodbye.

The people who die – the ones that we love who died- have made their impacts on our lives, and nothing can change that. The happy moments we’ve shared with us will never be forgotten. They are forever in our memories, and forever in our hearts.

So thank you, dear Danni girl, for all the memories you’ve shared with all of us. You will be forever in our hearts.

Note: At the time of writing, the killer is already in the hands of the police.


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