MACPAU Videography.

One of the many things that the husband and I are thankful for is that we are blessed with awesome suppliers. Like seriously. It’s so difficult to work with people you’re not comfortable with; with people who you know is just after your money and not the quality.

Meet Paula and Macky.

Paula and Macky during our Wedding day. 🙂

Paula is a church mate and a dear close friend. She took up Mass Communications from UP Diliman and guess what? She graduated Cum Laude. She choreographed and styled our E-session with our photographer (who’s another awesome supplier, btw) and well, acted as my P.A. as well. HAHAHA.

Macky, on the other hand, is a professional camera man. He is literally the man behind the camera. He is really committed and passionate in what he does. I can attest to that, as he showed these inspiring traits when we worked with him. He would not stop running, bending his knees, or directing until he got the perfect shot. Most of the concepts come from him. Well, of course, they collaborate. That’s why they’re a team. 😀

Macky and Paula are a blessing. When we were looking for a videographer and Paula offered, I did not think twice. I knew everything will be perfect. And they did not prove me wrong; they even managed to go beyond our expectations! They gave us a good rate (a really good rate) and good service. Hans and I loved working with them. We were comfortable- it was like working with friends (okay, we really are friends. HAHA). No pressure or whatsoever. It was fun. 🙂

I have friends who hired professionals who were supposed to present a Same Day Edit video during their wedding day but failed to do so – and still asked them to pay for it! I also have friends who paid big bucks for video coverage but never really got their money’s worth- the videographers were rude and so unprofessional. Talk about nightmare!

If you are looking for someone to cover your event – a wedding, a party and the like – I suggest you get them. They will make sure everything will be smooth and fun. I’m not just saying this because they’re my friends. Take it from me: they will make sure your money will not be put to waste.

So here you go, our wedding Same Day Edit, courtesy of MACPAU videography.

Thank you again, Macky and Paula! You guys are the best. 🙂 Thank you for making our wedding a phenomenal one.

You may also view our prenup video here and our wedding teaser here.

For inquiries, you may contact them at 09178828874.


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