H+G Engagement Shoot.



Prenup shoots are not easy. Seriously. Hans and I almost fought (well, I think we actually did! Haha!) the day of our engagement shoot. We were driving each other crazy, with all the props and costume that we had to prepare. It was phenomenal. I was literally holding back my tears inside the car (I had to hold them because I had my makeup on and I didn’t wanna ruin my face! Haha).

But hey, what are wedding preparations without the ‘pre-wedding fight’, right? 😀

I have to say that shoots become easier with friends by your side. We would never have survived that day without the help of our friends! And most importantly, prenup shoots become less stressful if you have an awesome photographer to shoot you. (Wink,wink!)

Erwin Leyros is one of the coolest photographers I have worked with. He’s not the usual ‘look in the camera-smile-hug-kiss-photographer’.  He shies away from the typical. He has his own style.

Here’s a brief description of him which I copied from his blog:

Every moment means something. Every couple have their different story and personality. I believe that each smile, tear, excitement, joy and happiness is priceless. Each image conveys a heartfelt moment filled with emotion. It is my passion to tell your story so you can relive it through your photographs and cherish your best moment forever.

I love natural light, it gives me more freedom to my images. As much as possible I don’t use speedlights, we are constantly surrounded by beautiful light, it is important to learn and see it. I love creamy background blur and film look. Simple is beautiful.

I capture real moments. I offer eccentric style and portraits. It is an art for me. I don’t direct weddings except during pictorials, it will always be the groom, the bride and the people around them who will write their own story. Your event is about you and your special day.

It is always my pleasure and honour every time I heard couples satisfied and very happy with my work. This has been one of my inspirations to get better and better with my craft.

I love what I’m doing and I am very passionate and committed with my craft.

Here are our prenup photos, whoopteedoo! My siblings were reminding me not to pose them prior to the wedding to still have the element of surprise. Tee-hee.

96344_orig478922_orig521966_orig777436_orig1328290_orig1375710_orig1550488_orig2023992_orig2209029_orig2297604_orig2527434_orig2558660_orig2896921_orig3112460_orig3115023_orig3125032_orig3231999_orig3251936_orig3337667_orig3563246_orig3598682_orig3661465_orig3803694_orig4324963_orig4329665_orig5233229_orig5745016_orig5764395_orig5838166_orig 6196588_orig 6234799_orig 6456196_orig 6558911_orig 6906404_orig 7185479_orig 7309432_orig 8015294_orig 8053368_orig 8226270_orig 8270258_orig 8329687_orig 8329835_orig 8938790_orig 8465798_orig 9168747_orig 9396213_orig 9437623_orig 9676731_origWe’d like to send our love and special thanks to:

  • Nadj Flores-Zaragoza for the makeup
  • Jen Nicolas for giving us ‘moral support’
  • Paula Bianca Lim for conceptualizing the shoot.
  • Mylene, my cousin, for being my dedicated P.A. 😀
  • Ace Gapuz for styling me pretty! *test of friendship*
  • Turbo Cafe for letting us shoot! The staff was awesome! We had to move to a different location because ’twas already dark and shoots at Ecopark are only until 6pm.

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