This One’s For You, Bro.

I’m not sure if you remember this, but when we were in college, we sort of talked about getting married and growing old. We were both single then. We kind of made a pact (please tell me you remember this or else!) that we will be each other’s back-up plan. Of course, I took that seriously (otherwise I would not remember this). I chose you to be my fallback friend. And I was sure (HAHA) you chose me. You know- if neither of us is married and we’re like 40 something,  we’d get married.

Or something like that.


I instantly thought of you as that because I have known you my entire life. We witnessed how both of us grew (literally in size, weight, and all) up. I saw you when you were the fat little boy and went past the awkward pimple phase; you saw me when my hands were clammy and I had colds everyday and witnessed how I went past my rita negrita chaka payatot phase.

Except that you are still fat (fine, chubby), my hands are still clammy, and I still have allergic rhinitis.

You are more than a best friend; you are a brother. You have always been, and will always be, my brother from another mother.

And now….my! How fast time flies. We are now grown-ups (like seriously, on so many levels!) and we are both entering a new phase in our lives.

I have witnessed how you fell in love- from ‘young-love-sweet-love’ to ‘trying-to-be-mature-love’ to ‘I-thought-she-was-the-one’ to ‘I-knew-she-is-the-one’.

Don’t worry, Joyce, he stopped there. Haha.

And I just want to let you know how extremely happy I am to stand witness to all of those phases; how blessed I am to be part of those events.

So yeah, congratulations, my darling bro! May you and your wife (yiheeee! It takes a lot of getting used to) be filled with so much love and never grow tired of loving, even when loving is simple, or even when it is an effort. God bless you as you enter a brand new journey together. ♥

I love you, bro. And yes, Joyce, you now are my sister, whether you like it or not. 😀


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