Hello, October!

Oh Hello, October! Time flies soooooo fast. It seems like only yesterday that I turned 27.. and now, well, waddaya know! 2 months before December. *gasps*

The thought actually makes me excited because of two things: One, my favorite season is almost here! Christmas songs are everywhere! My most awaited season is coming.

And two: I am gonna get married soon. Whoopteeedooo!

Yesterday I was talking to God and I was telling him that we will rock my October. That this month will be more awesome than September.  The past month has been an emotional roller-coaster ride for me, I am sure my October will have more revelations and surprises.

So this is me all giddy and giggly and perky.

And because I am just soooooo happy, let me send you some happy thoughts:

My sister doesn’t want me to show this yet but what the heck, am so excited I JUST CAN’T HIDE IT! 😀

Happy October! Spread the love! ♥


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