A Hair-iffic Event.

Last Sunday, my family and I had the challenge of bringing my nephew to the salon to have a haircut. It was his first professional haircut; his hair had been cut before (only the back part) – which was successfully done, of course, while he was sleeping.

My nephew is currently in his adorable “terrible two’s”. I don’t think there is a need for me to reiterate on that. My nephew is clearly growing up. So you can imagine what went inside the salon…

I think you got the picture. 😀

Yep, so while my brother and sister-in-law (and my mom who was at the back, not in the picture) were holding my nephew, I was there, taking the picture of this momentous event.

But of course all hardships last (haha) and now, let me present to you my nephew’s ‘before and after’ look……

His haircut made him look fresh and clean. I mean, you should have seen his long hair while he was playing- he’s like a wet puppy! The only (sad) thing, though, is that his haircut made him look like a grade school already. Talk about regression, right? 🙂

So yeah, snaps to my family who was all supportive of my nephew’s endeavor (haha it’s like he’s graduated or something) and to Cuts4Tots  for being so patient and well, strong 🙂



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