Remember when I said 2012 is gonna be awesome?

Well, March just came and so much awesomeness is already happening! 🙂 It is indeed true that “our words have the power to change our situation” (Joel Osteen).  And that’s prolly why I haven’t been blogging much: I did a lot of adjusting and meditating. A lot has happened in a span of two months. Talk about overwhelmed! Big time!

But now, I am soooo back! 🙂

So just a glimpse of what I did the past months:

Making up for what seemed like a ten-year-lost-time with the fiance 🙂
Reunited with my super sis from China, Dnice 🙂 Note my short hair! :b
Bonding with my family 🙂

And finally:

AM NOW A NURSE! Thank you, Abba 🙂
 I know I am to wait and look out for more! So much will happen this year, I just know it! 🙂
Big things. Great Expectations. Yeah.

3 thoughts on “Overwhelmed.

    1. C. Seasmus: Hohoho. I am a nurse. I graduated years ago, (NOT THE AGE PLEASE!) and I only ‘decided’ to do hospital just now 🙂 Sending good juju and lots of positive vibes to you too!


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