Oh We’re Halfway There (Livin’ On A Prayer)

So if you don’t get it yet, papa Hans and I are getting married! (Er, I think that’s why I call him “fiance”). Whoopteedoo! Planning a wedding can be crazy… and I mean it! We used to have a thing: everytime we talk about the wedding, we end up arguing- until somebody walks out of the converstation. Haha! After a while, we just laugh at us and the silliness of our petty fight.. then we go back to the wedding thing.

Now, we finally got into the “wedding mode” and we rarely argue anymore (*blinks eyes*). I really love how close we’ve gotten because of the wedding. We learned how to deal with our differences and well, with God’s help, we (and I mean Hans) understood each other more. Hans needs to understand how OC brides-to-be can be..I mean, we’ve been planning and dreaming about this all our lives. And I need to understand that it is Hans’ wedding, too. We need to understand that this is a joint effort; that one cannot fix the wedding alone.

I shall post updates of the wedding soon πŸ˜€ Feel free to leave me with tips and the like!

God works in mysterious ways alright. He perfectly wrote our love story and He’s still perfecting it πŸ™‚

To brides-to-be like me, congratulations to us! πŸ™‚ May we not be bridezillas (and may our grooms-to-be not be groomzillas) πŸ˜€

Omigosh, am getting married !!!!! Weeee! β™₯



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