So much for binaries and such.

Yesterday was the infamous date for weddings,events and the like.  Traffic was seriously bad; ’twas like some sort of holiday .

I celebrated (I really sound like it’s some sort of a holiday!) the day with a pile of problems at work,a messy hair,and a wedding.

I don’t wanna stress much on the horrible scene at work  but allow me to share with you the memories of an 11-11-11 wedding of which I was part of:


The newlyweds! Congrats Kuya Mark and Ate Irene 🙂


Me and my co-emcee, Floyd 🙂




Look who I found! Chad is in the house, yo! (He’s the bassist of Pancake 80)


Favorite couple everrrrrrr.


Jen and I and our matching gray cover-ups!


Congrats again ate and kuya! I pray that your wedding be legen—-wait for it—-dary! LEGENDARY!




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