Weekend Love.

Thank God for long weekends, birthdays and birthday treats!

Last Saturday, the office mates and I went to Caliraya, Laguna to celebrate our dear friend Eco’s birthday. I have been to Caliraya a couple of times already but I never really enjoyed the place until now!

I’m not talking about the Caliraya adventure place- you know, the recreation place. Not that one. Where we went to is an island (literally!) where Eco’s family happens to own a place and a fishery. Something like that. Haha.

The girls and I somewhere in Laguna (or Antipolo???). We really had to stretch our legs!

We had to do the whole sagwan thing- ’twas soooo fun!

My first catch! I know it wasn’t that big a fish but still, MY FIRST CATCH! Haha!

I became better at fishing after a few catch! I caught this huge one! *beams with joy*

Our birthday boy!

I’m a city girl- I was born in Camarines Norte but I grew up in Manila all my life. So everything that we did- from fishing to sleeping to just eating and relaxing- those were therapy for me. I really had so much fun!

Happy birthday again, Eco! I think the cake pretty much says it all!


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