Busy as a Bumblebee.

(or as a Bee-suniess woman. HAHA.)

I’m sorry to use the phrase which I believe is the understatement of the century: Sorry I’ve been soooo busy lately.

I’ve been doing A LOT! Like literally a lot: I’m doing endorsements at work (*wink, wink*- two more months, baybeh! :D); I’m assisting my brother and sister in law by babysitting for my now “kuya” nephew; and I’m now a businesswoman.



Oh yes. I am now a nurse entrepreneur. I’m sorry I can’t help but laugh at the thought of me doing business. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

So if you’re a UP Diliman student or if you work or live near UP OR IF YOU’RE MY FRIEND (hahaha), come and visit our stall!

We’re located right in front of the International Center, Magsaysay St. Near the swimming pool. Our stall number’s B19.

We sell the trendiest clothes- dresses, blouses, pants- at an affordable price! Shop now, be happy and make me happy! ♥


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