Oddities in Life.

Because one of my spiritual sisters made her list based on a conversation we had in twitter, I’m doing mine.

I am a self confessed obsessive compulsive. It’s just a mild form, mind you. It can still be controlled. It’s just that I like everything organized. Okay, so my bedroom’s not the most organized room in the world, but for me, it’s still an organized chaos (if you know what I mean).

So these are the things that make me anxious:

1. There are bags inside my bag. Despite the fact that my shoulder’s getting a bit sore because of my “big bag attack”, I still refuse to leave the “unused” (as my friends call it) stuff at home. I have a pouch for my kikay kit; a pouch for my gadgets (charger, cables, usbs); a pencil case (or a “school supplies kit”, as my friends put it- I HAVE EVERYTHING: from stapler to colored pens to highligthers, name it, I have it!); a pouch for the fluids (my contact lens solution, my alcohol, my perfume); a pouch for the uncategorized (I really have one!). You get the deal: I have a pouch/bag for everything. Yes, my bag’s a clutter but it’s an organized mess for me, really.

2. I have a notebook for everything. I don’t know how to put this but I have a notebook for work; a notebook for my random thoughts; a notebook for my to-do list; a notebook for the uncategorized (again!).

3. When I was still a student, I hated using different colors of pens for my notebooks. If I started the semester with a black pen, I’m NEVER going to use a blue pen for my notes. I feel panicky whenever I see a different color in my notebook.

4. I make lists. Lists of all sorts.

5. I can’t eat unless I wash my hands with soap, alcohol or sanitiser. Maybe it’s normal but the thought of eating with dirty hands kinda gross me out.

6. This is probably the weirdest in the list: I can’t sleep with pleats on my blanket, or my bed sheet. My blanket has to be neatly straightened. I can’t sleep with my bed sheet untucked underneath (you get the picture).

7. Remember the time when our gradeschool teacher wanted us to have margins in our notebooks? I can’t bear the thought of having misaligned margins. 😦 It’s either remove the page or buy a new notebook, but…

8. I don’t peel pages off from my notebook. So…. it’s buy a new notebook then.

9. My sister and I had a huge fight before because she wrote a line (a messy line!) on a page in my notebook. She was teasing me, of course. So I cried and cried because I can’t bear the thought of peeling pages from my notebook, and everything else was uncoordinated because I lost my time already…. SIGH.

10. I am not the most on-time person in the world but I used to feel anxious whenever I don’t stick to my schedule. But I am kinda flexible, so whatever happens happens for me.

So these are just 10. I think I’m stopping here before you think I’m a freak and you’d stop reading my blog. Ha-ha.


5 thoughts on “Oddities in Life.

  1. How very scary! I have a bag in my bag that has a little pouch…let’s stop there shall we?

    And I have a LOT of notebooks! I’m not against tearing sheets off my notebook, but I make sure the tear is at least 5 centimeters from the seam and is perfectly straight…OR i glue the pages I originally wanted to tear off together…!


    1. Haha!! I wish I could stop :l Well our oddities are not sooooooo severe. Haha. And my my, these are just 10, I still have a lot!!


  2. we each have our own idiosyncrasies. but it’s those stuff that anchors us to sanity (or insanity, whichever you’re at now. haha)

    as one of my fave philo dude used to say- “there is wisdom in madness” – michel “chaka-badaf” focault =)

    great list, i’ll copy this idea soon ha? with credit to you of course


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