Silence means..

Whenever something is up, I keep silent.

I’m easy to figure out. I am a person who loves to talk and when I keep quiet, I go inside my cave and hibernate. For days. Or weeks. I just hide and lay still.

That goes the same for my relationships. When I’m upset, I shut up. When something’s up, I keep matters to myself first. Which I think is rather common to us ladies.

So lately I have been hibernating.

I just am growing exhausted, y’know? From all that is happening in my life. For goodness’ sake, I AM 26 YEARS OLD! I have no concrete plans for my future, thank you very much. There are just so many things in my mind right now; so many stuff I wanna do.. and yet, I do not know what to do with my life anymore.

But no, I am not hopeless.

Because every time I lay silent, I let God do the talking.

Because every time I am confused, I let God lead me.

This world is just crazzzzzy, and my only (blessed) assurance is that I have a huge God who will take care of everything.


Yep. Am climbing my mountain one step at a time, as silent and still as I may ever be.



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