This One’s For Jen.

Most people think I’m giggly, perky, funny, friendly and talkative. I wouldn’t disagree. I really am all that. I laugh most days. I have super high energy from morning til night. And yes, I am Ms. Congeniality. There isn’t a time that I walk in a mall and not see a familiar face who knows me. I am THAT friendly. I know almost everyone; I smile at everyone, even those who I don’t really know. Okay, I’m thinking if I’m to be considered friendly or creepy. Haha.

But there are also days when I just feel like being alone. Or be with my people: you know,those people who I am most comfortable with. Those people who can see me during my bad day, who can listen to me as I rant and rant and not judge me. Those people who I can just run to whenever I feel sad or indifferent. Those people who, no matter how long I have not seen them, makes me feel loved and acts as if nothing’s changed.

You are definitely one of my people.

I don’t know if I told you yet but I am sincerely thankful for your life. We’ve had our ups and downs, maybe together or not but I hope you know that I pray for you. I pray that you’re happy and okay.

And today, I pray that you have a blast! You deserve to be happy because you’ve made me, and a lot of people happy!

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I love you Jen! 🙂 May the Lord continue to bless you and shower you with His blessings and love.


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