I Miss You.

Today, I miss you more than ever.

I left my keys with Kuya and you know what that means: I would have to wait for my sister or mom to come home before I can come in. The rain was pouring so hard, and I had no choice but to wait outside.

So I sat in the ‘shaded area’ outside the house and I sat and I took out my book which I love so much and then I thought of you and the many crazy things you did for me.

It was Holy Week, if I’m not mistaken. You and I were fighting- well, I was doing all the nagging while you were saying sorry…. but I would not accept your apology. You know me, it’s soooo hard for me to shut up when I’m mad (I’m definitely working on it). You kept on calling, but I would not answer your call. My family and I went to Bulacan to grant mom’s request, while you were in Tarlac, because you had to go home. So we weren’t talking. You kept on calling, I kept on rejecting your calls….

The rain would not stop.

We arrived home around 6 in the evening and to my surprise, a familiar face was sitting in the same spot where I sat before I entered the house today. Someone so familiar I could not help but cry. There you were, in that ‘shaded area’, sitting, almost crying.

The rain kept on falling.

You were sitting on that ‘shaded area’, waiting for me for almost 6 hours.

You opened the gate for us and said hello to mom (you did your ‘mano po’ ritual).

And then you hugged me. So, so, so tight… and you said sorry.

I hugged you back, and asked you to stop saying sorry…. and I said sorry back.

Today, I miss you more than ever.

You do so many crazy things for me while I always almost not do the same. I don’t give you back the same kindness and love that you give me. Yet you love me, oh so much, it’s overwhelming. I’m sorry, babe, that I couldn’t be there for you right now.. but know that I love you so,so much, and the pain of not being with you is just so awful but I know that next year, we’ll deal with this pain together…

Today, I miss you more than ever.

And tomorrow’s gonna be a brand new day, and I’ll miss you, but not the same as how much I missed you today.


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