Oh Hello, July!

Well, waddaya know? It’s half of the month already! I seriously wanna push the panic button and scream at what’s happening in my life but I know that God’s working so let me just remind myself of the things that I ought to do this year, okay?

Presenting to you my 2011 Faith Goals.

  1. Enroll in a writing course (I promised you this, N!) this July; write more.
  2. Go back to dance/pilates class. My muscles are telling me that they are in need of stretching.
  3. Go out of the country not as part of my job but as part of my R&R with mom.
  4. Learn how to PRIORITIZE. I am always running out of time,it sucks. :l
  5. Submit more to the fiancée. Talk less, listen more.
  6. Finish my pending trainings.
  7. Seek more of God. Listen, trust and obey.
  8. Do my early Christmas shopping. SERIOUSLY.
  9. Spend more time with friends.
  10. Save, save save! Do not be impulsive in buying (somebody stop me pleaaaaaaase!).

Note to self: you still have time, G. Really.


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