What a Pleasant Surprise!

Two months ago, I posted this as my Facebook status: DEATH MAKES THE MEANING OF LIFE MORE MEANINGFULI didn’t just make up the saying. It came from someone I know so well.. and it came as a surprise to me and my mom.

Not everybody knows that my dad loved to write. All of his sermons, as a matter of fact, were handwritten. He did not like typing it; he wanted to use his pen and bond paper that he would always fold in half. My mom and I always suggested that we type it and print out his sermons for him but he never liked the idea. He wanted them done his way- he did not want to lose his ‘personal touch’. There was actually this one time- my mom and I printed out his sermon and he got mad at us because there were a lot of typo errors on it. He said he’ll never let us do that again. Haha.

Because he loved to write so much, he wrote everywhere. Like seriously. We used to fight all the time because all the telephone stands that we’ve had had his handriting on them- somebody’s telephone number, a caller’s message for someone in the house, a reminder. One time, he wrote on one of my books because he needed to write somewhere and there was no paper in sight so he grabbed the first ‘thing with paper’ and alas! there was my book. He wrote there. I remember my reaction when I opened the book and saw his handwriting on it. Iit was such a funny scene so instead of getting mad I just laughed at what he did. Haha.

Now back to the status.

Two months ago month my mom was browsing through dad’s ‘all original handwritten’ sermons. We actually have a project: we are going to compile all his sermons and put them in a book (I know, we are so behind. Just you wait, we’ll have it done in no time). While browsing, she found something and right then and there she called me and told me that she’s gonna show me something as long as I promise not to cry. She knows me too well- I am such a crybaby. So I went to her and she showed me a piece of torn newspaper with something on it, something that made me break my promise to my mom…..

At that moment, I cried. And then my mom who was holding her tears held them no more. We were both letting out silent sobs. We were reminded of how dad’s death brought such wonderful meaning to our lives… I was reminded of how sudden his death was and how his death made me realize a lot of things. I was reminded of how his death made me realize to never take anyone, especially my mom, for granted.

I know it’s such a cliche whenever people say to always show the people you love how much you love them… because you’ll never forgive yourself once they’re gone, but I’m sorry, you’ll hear it from me again: never miss out a chance to show your love to people especially your parents because you’ll never know how long they will be around. 

Days from now will be dad’s 2ND year death anniversary and today, I look back at how his life brought such meaning to my life and how his death made the meaning of my life even more meaningful. 

Lord, thank you for a life well-lived by Dada. Thank you for giving me a father who followed your example. Thank you for reminding me how deaths do not bring sadness but joy. Thank you for reminding me how meaningful my life has been because of how great a father I have.

I love you, dad. Happy death anniversary.

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