Wishful Thinking.

I have been told that the Lord loves to make birthday wishes come true.

The one who told me wasn’t kidding. ♥

Last month, it was well, my birthday month. I was sooooo sad because of a lot of things: work was so much of a burden to me that time; my fiancée was so far away (LDR.*sigh*); I was missing my dad so much; et cetera, et cetera. To tell you the truth, the night of my birthday I was crying in front of the laptop with Hans comforting me. But of course the Lord reminded me that that was part of His plan; that good things are coming my way if I could just wait.

So I made my birthday wish.

Two days ago, Hans celebrated his birthday and I asked him to do the same: to not forget to make a wish because the Lord for sure would love to make his wish come true.

I never really asked him for what he will wish for but I knew what was inside his heart.

This morning while I was talking to him, he broke me the news and told me that ‘the one I prayed for has been granted’, and that I got my birthday wish.

So you see, it’s not a myth. The Lord loves to make birthday wishes come true.

Is there anything you would like to wish for for your birthday? Tell it to God in detail. It may not happen right away but it will happen! 🙂 I know it for sure.

Lord, thank you for making our birthday wishes come true. And you’re timing is soooo perfect! Teach is to be more patient as we wait on You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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