A few days ago, I had a talk with my very first boyfriend. I know, I know. It’s cool enough that I am friends with ALL my ex boyfriends. What’s even cooler is that I have the best conversations with some of ‘em. 

Talking to him got me thinking: WHAT DO I REALLY WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE? You see, I took up nursing because I really wanted to become a doctor. I did pass the licensure examination for nurses (wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for my awesome God), but by that time doctors here are taking up nursing so they can fly abroad and have a higher salary. Yep. Money changes everything. I can still take Medicine, you know, but by the time I’m done with it I’ll be like 30+ and am not sure if I still wanna be a doctor by the time I graduate. 

Now I am a registered nurse, but what does this license give me? Yes, my job entails me to go to hospitals and be of service to people but I’m not really sure what I really wanna be in the next five years or so..


Anyhow, this week, I shall be posting, in no particular order, about the things that I really wanna do. Things that I really want. Things that I believe I can achieve.

And right at this very moment, I am declaring that all these dreams will come to pass. 

So let’s go!


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