And This One’s For You, Katrina.

Breakup Blues.

(another entry from my former blog. I love you, Kat :))

I met new friends in review two days ago. They’re a couple of girls who sit beside my buddy and I. Details about the buddy later, let’s focus on the girls for now. So they’re my new found friends, and I’m glad I met them. My buddy and I actually got inspired to bring packed lunches to save money because of them. They bring their food and they sit in front of the class like us, I’m assuming they’re cool people. (in my definition of cool, I meant “nerdy”- pretty much like us). One time, one of the girls played “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” by Oasis and I love Oasis so much that I told her , “aww.. I love that song.” She laughed, and I think that pretty much started our friendship. I asked her to send me the song to me via Bluetooth right away and she did. And then we went conversing and talking about stuff.

She did tell me that the reason why she played that song was because she’s really depressed. I asked her why; she said she just broke up with her steady partner. ( I can’t say boyfriend or girlfriend- you see, they’re lesbians. And let’s not dwell on that). She told me the breakup happened just 3 weeks ago, and instantly I ran to her to hold her hand. I mean, just 3 weeks? I just ended a relationship a month ago and I’m still having a hard time coping up. And yet she’s there, in class- sitting in front, writing notes! She’s got strength in her! She told me she’s really, really hurting still and that she’s having a hard time. I asked her the reason for their breakup and her answer was, “she fell out of love”.


Seriously, I am one to say that that is definitely one of the worst reasons for breaking up with somebody.

I told her, “but you don’t do that. You don’t fall out of love.”

“I know. But she did. And it’s over.”

I mean, can that really happen?

I’ve heard excuses before: some deceitful, some hurting, some really lame, and some reasonable enough. But to say that one has fallen out of love? That’s completely unfair!

Can I just say that I am a believer in love? I really am. I know it’s stupid, but I am one to say that the world is a crazy place… And to not have love makes it crazier. Thankfully, my experiences have not made me give up on love. Because I believe in it. I believe in it’s power. And yes, I’m crazy.

I cry over couples breaking up. One time, my friend left me a message via the yahoo messenger and he told me his fiancé broke up with him. I cried at the thought of them not being together. I seriously did! I mean, they’re getting married next year! And we had dinner last March because they announced to the whole team that they’re getting married. And now, after buying stuff (that are not yet paid in full) together, after practically stressing over everything, they decided to call it quits. And now he’s paying for that television… alone.

One time, my friends and I were having coffee and we’re discussing about a friend’s parents who are not sleeping at the same house. They’re still married, they’re not yet annulled, but they’re already separated. They still go to family trips together, but to the belief of my friend and her other siblings, they’re already separated. I voiced out my opinion that I don’t agree in annulments or divorces. Then a guy friend said, “but you can’t force it if you’re no longer in love with your partner. It’s that or the kids seeing you fight all day long just because you’re no longer in love.” I got hurt and said, “but how can you fall out of love? You’re married! And you vowed to love each other. You’re not just boyfriends and girlfriends anymore. This isn’t just a high school love affair. This is you and your partner spending your lives together. You have to fight for your relationship. You don’t just separate. I mean, that will never be the answer.”

We all went to deep silence after that talk. When I went home, I prayed to God that I don’t fall out of love with the one I choose to be my husband. Nor will he fall out of love for me. I mean, can anything be more painful than that?

And until today, I am keeping that prayer in my heart. And I promised myself that I will never, ever let myself fall out of love.

I still say that that would be the most unacceptable reason the breakup world will ever have.


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