The Tough Ten.

I know, I know, it’s mid-March already but what the heck, I’ve been meaning to do this since the beginning of the year. Here’s my 2011 bucket list, or as the title suggests, the ultimate TOUGH 10 that I would want to accomplish this year.

1. Manage my time wisely. I’ve been soooooo busy with work (consider it an understatement) and other stuff last year that I seldom saw my friends. Most of the time I was just too exhausted to meet them. It’s either that or I just didn’t feel like being in a crowd. I was into hibernating a lot last that I missed on a lot of my closest friends’ events. This year, I vow to make time for you, friends.♥ Of course I just won’t say yes just for the sake of it, but I promise to manage my time wisely- prioritize- that I’ll be able to squeeze meeting you in my oh so hectic schedule.

2. Be more patient. Fine. I trust that You make all things beautiful, Father. I’ll stop at that.

3. Be more gentle. Nag less (especially to the fiance), love more. So I’ve been nagging Hans a lot- I’ve become too much of an obssessive compulsive girlfriend that sometimes I forget how much I’ve been hurting him. (Sorry, babe. You know I love you). So this year, I shall make the best effort to understand whatever situation you’re in. That’s a promise.

4. Eat healthy. Like seriously. Every new year, I always declare that it is my resolution to eat the food that I don’t eat. To name a few: beef, carrots, seafood (I eat them only if with breading) except fried fish, goat, lamb, et cetera, et cetera. I’ve been feeling that my body’s metabolism is not how it used to be. Haha. So this year, eating healthy is definitely part of my list. And not just in writing. This is a declaration that will definitely come to pass √

5. Take care of my mom’s health: meticulously check her bp and the food that she eats.

6. Spend more time with my God. I miss just hanging out at coffee shops, writing about how God has been blessing me. So I really intend to make every moment of my life a moment with my God.

7. Write more.Oh how I miss writing so much! I promise to write more not just for the sake of writing but also for me to express myself more. I’ll be crazy if I won’t be able to express every bit of thought that I have in my mind.

8. Represent God in everything I say and do.

9. Travel.Explore the country and yes, the world.

10. Be the Psalm 31 woman as Hans and I wait for God’s perfect time ü *wink, wink*


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