Para sa mga nalulungkot katulad ko.

(at para sa mga di rin naman malungkot pero wala lang, gusto ko lang pagshare-an. Haha)

Lately, I have been struggling. Ewan ko ba pero for some weird reason, ang lungkot ko the past few days. Ang dami ko lang rin kasing iniisip, ang dami kong dapat gawin. Plus sumasabay pa ang hormones ko. San ka pa, diba?

Matutulala na lang ako minsan tapos bigla na lang akong maiiyak. Kahit anong pilit kong pasayahin ang sarili ko, i-divert ang sad thoughts ko into happy thoughts, waley, isang malaking FAIL.

But just now, God reminded me of how much He loves me, and that, my friend, is more than enough reason for me to be happy.

Here are a few points that I’ve come to realize and some points that God reminded me of:

An idle mind is the enemy’s playground.

The enemy will strike us most when we are relaxing.

The enemy always wants to play with our emotions but Christianity is not based on our emotions; it is grounded on truth.

Act on your will, not simply on your emotions.

Happiness is a daily decision. 🙂

Forgiveness is the key to being free from toxic bitterness.

When you live trusting God, your really don’t have to struggle.

Don’t magnify your problems. MAGNIFY YOUR GOD. The bigger you make God make, the smaller your problems become, and the more faith will rise in your heart.

Oh, plus the fact that you have me as your friend makes things a little lighter, don’t you think?


God is in control.


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